Hospital consultations and in-patient care at our affiliated hospitals

In-patient consultations through Stellenbosch Medi-clinic. Rheumatology out-reach at Helderberg Hospital, Somerset-West.

Outpatient care for chronic rheumatic diseases
  • 2 Full-time and 2 part-time rheumatologists
  • Rheumatology Sisters
  • Sister lead RAIN project for newly diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis patients
Diagnostic and therapeutic intra-articular injections and aspirations
Education on rheumatologic diseases and treatments
Infusion facility for biologic and other intravenous medication
  • Infusion performed by qualified Sister, overviewed by Doctor.
  • Continual monitoring.
  • Infusion rooms part of practice, therefore avoiding hospital admission.
Clinical trials
  • Continuation of care” strategy
  • Anyone can participate, but especially helpful for those requiring medications not normally available to them (such as biologics).
  • Trials in a wide range of rheumatology illnesses available
  • Please contact us if interested in receiving more information.